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InTAC – The Internet Technical Architecture Conference

TUESDAY 10 July 2012, 9am-6pm, Level 5, SkyCity Convention Centre.

Organised by InternetNZ,  Internet Technical Architecture Conference (InTAC) is a one day conference in July, aimed at promoting technical discussions of New Zealand’s fibre future. While NetHui is for the wider community to discuss the social, economic and cultural impacts of the Internet, InTAC is complementary in that it will focus on the technical architecture and technical policy issues related to ultra-fast broadband and fibre networks.

The Conference will feature an international keynote address, brief presentations and a series of in-depth, facilitated discussion sessions. A range of issues related to the technical architecture of ultra-fast broadband will be discussed, including connectivity vs. content architectures and UFB product specifications. Technical policy will also be a focus with ‘Keeping local traffic local’ (peering and interconnect) and domestic and international IP transit examined.  The list of topics will be finalised in consultation with participants prior to the conference.

The international keynote is Lev Gonick, the Chief Information Officer of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, USA. Case Western funded a trial initiative to build out 1Gbps FTTH in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, and Gonick is actively involved with the “Gig U” project – a group of North American research universities working toward accelerating the offering of ultra high-speed network services to their communities.

Participating in the inTAC Conference costs $60, inclusive of GST. Those interested in attending are encouraged to register their interest now by emailing as places are limited. More information is available at .


Trans-Pacific Partnership Meetup

Wednesday 11 July 2012, 6.30pm-7.30pm, at NetHui 2012, SkyCity Convention Centre.

Negotiations are underway for the Trans Pacific Partnership – or TPP – a trade “and more” agreement between New Zealand and a host of other countries, including the US. The TPP features a chapter on intellectual property rights, including copyright, which requires that countries recognise certain legal standards, like how long copyright lasts, or, how Internet intermediaries are responsible for the copyright infringement of others.

Join us for a discussion on how the TPP could change New Zealand’s copyright law and how these changes could affect the Internet. RSVP by emailing (be sure to note which event you are RSVPing to). NetHui registration not required.


Meeting of ICT NGOs

Wednesday 11 July 2012, 6.30pm-8.30pm, at NetHui 2012, SkyCity Convention Centre

The meeting is open to any NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) active in the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) sector. 1-2 people from any organisation that considers itself an ICT NGO are able to attend.

The free meeting will provide an opportunity to know more about each others’ priorities and plans for the year ahead. In turn, this will allow each to get to know each other better and perhaps identify areas of common interest to make the most of limited resources.

RSVP by emailing: (be sure to note which event you are RSVPing to). NetHui registration not required.



NetSafe Cyber Security Initiative (NCSI) Meetup

Wednesday 11 July 2012, 6.30pm-8pm, at NetHui 2012, SkyCity Convention Centre.

This meetup is open to anybody interested in cyber security awareness raising and education. On June 11, New Zealand’s first official cyber security awareness week kicks off with the launch of the Security Central Website.  NetSafe will provide a short review of the Awareness Week, and the awareness raising programme generally, before outlining our thoughts for 2013’s programme.

The effectiveness of the awareness programme is hugely dependent on partner engagement so if you’ve got an opinion on, or an interest in, cyber security awareness and education – we’d love to have you along and hear from you.

RSVP by emailing: . NetHui registration not required.


Women and the Net Breakfast (for women)

THURSDAY 12 July 2012, 7.30am – 8.45am, at NetHui 2012 SkyCity Convention Centre

InternetNZ is pleased to announce that it is hosting a breakfast for women at this year’s NetHui and will be joined by a special guest speaker. Sandra Pickering is Vodafone New Zealand’s Chief Technology Officer. She leads Vodafone’s IT and network teams, which design, build, operate and maintain the company’s IT systems and mobile and fixed networks. Prior to joining Vodafone, Sandra worked for IBM.

Sandra will speak about the gender imbalance in the field of IT and offer her thoughts on how that imbalance may be addressed, looking at a range of initiatives from encouraging girls to engage with technology and the sciences early on, to inspiring women in their pursuit of technology careers. Sandra can certainly speak from experience; having worked in IT for 30 years, she trained on the job straight from school.

This is exclusive to NetHui attendees only. Places are strictly limited – so get in contact soon!
RSVP is essential – please contact us by emailing by 4pm, Wednesday 4 July.

The ORCON Great Blend: NetHui Edition

THURSDAY 12 July 2012, 6pm for 7pm start – 11.30pm, Civic Wintergarden

Public Address’s famous Great Blend event comes to NetHui, in association with Orcon and The Edge. A theme of “creativity in the internet age” will be developed by some of Auckland’s smartest young musicians and artists until the night becomes what it always was — a party. As ever, the event will be curated by Public Address founder Russell Brown — who likes thinking and dancing.

From Russell’s blog post announcement:

The first half of the show will be a panel discussion on ‘Creativity in the Internet Age’ featuring the writer and cartoonist Sarah E. Laing, Herald Online entertainment editor Hugh Sundae; musician, 95bFM graduate and freestyle internet correspondent Hayden East; and Pilot Magazine publisher and editor, Andy Pickering.

Then we go large on the art-about-media with a commissioned multimedia work from the wonderful Cut Collective, which will incorporate a new spoken word work from Tom Scott of Home Brew and @Peace fame.

Thereafter, we turn into a party, with a DJ set from Tom Scott, the Cut Collective Art Shop (more of this closer to the event, but you’ll want to bring cash to buy pieces of the evening’s work direct from the artists) and a few other things we’ll firm up between now and then. I’m delighted to say that Hallertau will be pouring beer again.
Doors will open at 6pm and we’ll roll the show from 7pm.

You can claim your FREE admission to the Orcon Great Blend 2012 via the RSVP form here. Thanks, as always, to Orcon for having the vision to make this happen.

You must RSVP separately for this event. NetHui registration is not required.


InternetNZ Annual General Meeting

THURSDAY 12 July 2012, 6.30pm-8.30pm, at Nethui 2012, SkyCity Convention Centre

Prospective members are welcome to come and get a taste of what InternetNZ is all about. Please RSVP, to assist with planning, to . NetHui registration not required.

Creative Commons Meetup: Open Research and OER in Tertiary

THURSDAY 12 July 2012, 6pm-7pm at NetHui 2012, SkyCity Convention Centre

The drive for ‘open’ in tertiary education—be it ‘open education,’ ‘open research’ or ‘open access’—is quickly gaining steam. In May, the academic senate of the University of California San Francisco joined Harvard and MIT to announce that all current and future research would be made available to the public. In December 2011, the British government made a commitment to provide open access to publicly funded data.

At the same time, academics are experiencing tensions between the drive to make publicly funded research openly available and the need to publish in ‘prestige’ journals. International movements such as Open Educational Resources (OER) are helping to guide teachers and researchers through these murky waters.  These movements are also working to lower the cost of producing educational resources, in order to supply them online to educators, for free.

How can twenty-first century researchers and tertiary education providers navigate their rights and responsibilities in regards to their work? How do we help realise ‘Open Research’ and its relationship to ‘Open Government’? What are our expectations for ‘Open Education’?

Join us for an evening of information and discussion on the Open Research and OER Movements in tertiary education.

Speakers will include:

  • Dr Fabiana Kubke, Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences, University of Auckland
  •  Professor Anne Fitzgerald, Queensland University of Technology Law Faculty and Creative Commons Australia
  •  Dr Wayne Mackintosh, Director Open Education Resource Foundation and Commonwealth of Learning Chair in OER, Otago Polytechnic

If you’re interested in coming along, contact . NetHui registration not required.


M?ori IT Movers & Shakers Meet Up

THURSDAY 12 July 2012, 6.30pm-8.30pm at NetHui 2012, SkyCity Convention Centre

How can Digital Citizens acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi?”. Participants include members from Nga Pu Waea, 2Degrees Mobile, Te Huaraki Tika Maori Spectrum Trust, NZ Maori Internet Society,, Tangata and a Google Ambassador. If you have an opinion on Maori issues or government policy that effects Maori ICT, Iwi, Marae etc. you are all welcome to this public meeting. Maybe you are just curious what is a Maori ICT issue is or you are conscious of digital Treaty issues.   It is anticipated this will be the first of many Maori hui at NetHui.
Nau mai, Tauti mai, Haere mai koutou.

Followed by Dinner, 9pm Venue TBD

RSVP: Potaua Biasiny-Tule <>


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